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NDATA Solutions is a leading full-cycle software development company that specializes in Cloud Computing & Product development services driven by innovation and technology.

Cloud Consulting Services

Navigating the intricacies of the cloud from a business perspective can be challenging. Allow us to assist you in selecting the most suitable cloud strategy tailored to your needs.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

We specialize in establishing the foundational elements of a digital enterprise by leveraging a diverse range of cloud infrastructure services, including but not limited to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, among others.

Cloud application development

Develop cloud-based applications that offer seamless accessibility from any location and device, all while ensuring real-time data synchronization.

Cloud Migration Services

Transition from sluggish and inefficient analog procedures to the cloud, where operations occur with rapid scalability and efficiency.

Our Services

UI/UX Design

Collaborate with our UI/UX experts to create user-friendly interfaces optimized for both web and mobile platforms.

Cloud & DevOps

Whether it’s a public or private cloud, our certified experts will ensure your transition is seamless with our DevOps methodology.

Full Stack Development

Our comprehensive full-stack development services empower you to swiftly and efficiently build applications

Empower Innovation Advancement

NDATA Solutions is a distinguished product engineering services firm, specializing in agile software product development.

Our dedicated team is committed to collaborating with organizations, guiding their innovation journey from inception through implementation and into the future. Consider us your trusted link between the current landscape and the evolving realm of digital transformation.

“I had the privilege of working with NDATA Solutions for their cloud computing services, and I must say, it was a game-changer for my business.”


Why Us

Staff Augmentation

Team augmentation serves as a viable solution for businesses and projects of all sizes. It enables the strategic augmentation of your existing team with precisely the expertise needed, ensuring timely and successful project completion

Dedicated Team

We are a highly skilled and autonomous team, consisting of experts in diverse roles, dedicated to delivering top-tier technology solutions. Our versatile team possesses the capability to swiftly and efficiently provide cutting-edge solutions.

Project/Milestone Based

This approach proves highly advantageous for projects characterized by fluid scope requirements, uncertain timelines, and intricate business demands, making precise cost estimation challenging

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